Dr. Sivarajan’s Expertise

Dr. Sivarajan specializes in breast surgery, body sculpting, and a variety of other areas of expertise. He offers his patients a high level of training and an extensive amount of expertise, both of which enable him to utilize the most cutting-edge technology available and the latest surgical techniques. He consistently creates surgical outcomes that exceed his patients’ expectations, and remains deeply committed to a caring and compassionate type of patient care.

Education & Experience

Vivek graduated from Edinburgh University in 1997, at which point he began his medical career working within the NHS in Glasgow. He then earned himself a position at the University College London Hospital, studying under their Professor of Plastic Surgery before returning to Glasgow for further training. In 2001, he earned his qualifications as a surgeon and now offers his patients more than 15 years of experience with cosmetic procedures.

In addition to being a published author and an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow, Dr. Sivarajan has also earned a prestigious research degree. He started his own practice—the Elanic Hospital—in 2013 after searching for a way to make better use of his time and work more directly with the patients who rely on him.

Extensive Training

Dr. Sivarajan returned to Glasgow in order to conclude his training after his time within the London Training Scheme. In 2003, he joined the prestigious Canniesburn Plastic Surgery Unit before finally becoming a Consultant Plastic Surgeon in 2009.

During his time with the NHS, Dr. Sivarajan earned extensive experience with both plastic and reconstructive surgery and has familiarised himself with a number of highly advanced tools and techniques. He frequently performs surgery with microsurgical techniques and laser technology and is adept at combining multiple treatment modalities to ensure that his patients enjoy their ideal outcomes. If you’d like to learn more about how his team can help you, reach out to Elanic in Glasgow and set up your consultation today.

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