At Elanic we offer a standard 1-year aftercare programme for all surgical patients, you’ll also have a review with your surgeon to discuss the results and any further recommendations on your aftercare. You’ll also be covered for re-admission in the unlikely event that you experience clinical complications and your surgeon agrees further surgery is appropriate.

In the case of Breast Implant surgery Elanic, only use Mentor breast implants by Johnson and Johnson®. From such a respected household name you wouldn’t expect anything but the finest quality implants available. Due to the quality of Mentor breast implants we are able to offer one of the most comprehensive warranty packages available and unlike most hospitals we are crystal clear on what we do cover, and what we don’t.

All our Breast implants surgery is covered by the following warranties:

3 year cover against any complications including infection, implant rupture, malposition, and capsular contracture – we will conduct your surgery for free in the event of any of these problems in the first 3 years.

10 year cover against rupture and capsular contracture – We will conduct any revision surgery required within the first 10 years for a minimal facility fee*

Mentor Patientcare Promise Lifetime Limited Warranty means that at any stage if you suffer an implant rupture then Mentor will provide you with a replacement set of breast implants, but not pay for the procedure.

Your warranties are covered both by Elanic Ltd and by your surgeon, therefore if Elanic was ever to cease trading your cover will still exist with your surgeon.

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